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Of Mice and Men Summarizer Part 1

In this first part of the book the characters introduced are George Milton and Lennie Small. These are the main characters. In the first half of this section George and Lennie are in the middle of nowhere on their way to this ranch where they are going to work for money. There is definitely something wrong with Lonnie. All he does is ask George for or about things throughout the whole section. First it goes from a rabbit, to mice to a dog. The reason they are coming to this ranch is because Lennie got them in trouble at their last ranch and they ran out of their old town to find somewhere else. They get to the ranch and George makes Lennie promise he won’t talk, nut he breaks that promise so now the boss knows something is up. They become close with an old man that is on the ranch, and have a gossip session with the man about the boss’s son. They then met Curley the boss’s son’s wife and slim one of the other people on the ranch.
Of mice and men is set in the 1930’s. In the 1930’s many people were very sexist. Woman were called many things that should never be repeated. Many people were also racist. Segregation was big around that time. Many people around this time were unemployed, especially when Hoover was president things started to go downhill. This time was around the great depression so many people would do anything for work. Listening to the radio was big back then because many people didn’t have money, and the radio was