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Collaborative Project
EDU0 502: Technology Learning
Professor: Dr. Joseph Nolan
Stephanie Michaud
May 20, 2012

Collaboration of the school with its surrounding community systems is a factor to help create positive educational change. Partnerships within and outside the school setting are essential to support education reform. The following resources will provide strategies, examples, and information about different collaborative model.
One way to bridge the communication gap is to create a communication board or calendar. Posted on it could be updates, due dates, and praise for students. A second idea is to create a folder with photocopies of assignments or leave scrap paper and pencils near the assignment board for caregivers to jot down the assignment. A third idea would be Face book which is a social networking site. Facebook Page (Parents can “like” the page & receive status updates). Some teachers have trialed the use of a class facebook page as a “snapshot in time” into the class. Only the teacher logs in and updates this page – although wouldn’t it be great if it was a student’s class job to update the class facebook page 4 times a day with what was going on – images & reflections.
By posting assignments, we are informing a wider audience, sharing information with the rest of the villagers, and helping our students become more successful. If it truly takes a village, we cannot hide objectives and assignments from the rest of the villagers. Creating a pattern is good for the students, especially those in younger grades. In addition, a pattern can be created for the caregiver as well. Teachers are under increasing pressure to improve student performance while engaging parents