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Executive Summary
Since ages ago, people rear dog to guard the home. However, rearing dogs in human society is becoming a habit and a hobby. As you know, pet care is becoming popularity because parent let children feeding the pet to understand how important a life is. When the children grew up, they will responsible for their babies or children. This is the one reason why feeding pet is becoming popular. Moreover, in recent day, people willing to give a good medical treatment to their dogs, even if some are expensive. Therefore, we offer a broad range of products and services, all from highly qualifies staffs. “Oh My Dog” caters for all customers by providing each customer the best individual service to suit their needs, down to the smallest details. “Oh My Dog” wants to establish a large regular customer base, and will concentrate on the services for the local residents mainly, which will be the dominant target market. This will establish a healthy, consistent revenue base to ensure stability of the business. In addition, other customers coming from long distance area are expected to comprise approximately 30% of our revenues. High visibility and competitive products and services are critical to capture this segment of the market. In “Oh My Dog”, we provide dog grooming, dog hotel and medical treatment as well. We hope we can create the most comfortable place for dog living, “The Second Home for Dogs”!
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Current Market Situation
This is a better way for leaving dogs in hotel than leaving dogs at home when owners go on a trip or vacation. “Oh My Dog” is a new dog hotel but system will become completely step by step for taking care dogs which leaving by their owners. In addition, we will have activities to choose special dogs to make hairdressing for these dogs. We have nail technician to make dogs' nail beautiful. As usual, we will put dogs in cages but we will take dogs out regularly. Our veterinarian has over 10 years work experience to provide professional medical treatment to dogs. Most of the established dog hotels are based in London while "Oh My Dog" is based in Birmingham and dogs will be sending to clients anywhere in the United Kingdom.
Mission Statement
To provide dog health, happiness and comfort
We will work hard to give all dogs the best home away home, and bear responsibility to the safety of all dogs.
We would make sure a variety of services for dog that would meet the needs of dog owners are provided.
Business Objectives
We promise to hold activities regularity for the dogs, which are staying in our dog hotel to make sure they are happy by staying here.
“Oh My Dog” will provide a wide of aesthetics style dog grooming that would meet up with the needs of wide range of customers.
Clients would receive the notification regularly about the health protection of their own dogs.
Target Market Segment
“Oh My Dog” dog store welcome all of the customers who are living in this town, and “Oh My Dog” will make every dogs which are come into “Oh My Dog” become fashionable. Most of customers in “Oh My Dog” are high income, so we provide a better quality of service. Our service charge is relatively higher than another pet’s stores. The customers take their dogs come to “Oh My Dog” because they want their dogs being more beautiful, fashionable, health and have a good care. Our main service is dog hotel, owners can leave their dogs in our dog hotel and all of dogs can enjoy this experience in dog hotel for long period.
SMART Objectives
S (Specific)
All the services in “Oh My Dog” are expensive, so all dogs in “Oh My Dog” will have higher quality services.
“Oh My Dog” provide dogs hotel with a huge space and profession feeders looking after them.
All of employees in “Oh My Dog” have been trained and one veterinarian and one nurse have medicine certification.
M (Measurable)
We aim to sign up at least 100 consumers a year.
There will have branches in two