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Semester Test Project John Greenleaf Whittier once said, “God gives quietness at last.” This was a theme apparent throughout the poem, "from Snowbound." This poem was mainly about the family relationships and the interaction with nature during a snowstorm. The snowstorm allowed peace and quietness around the farm. It also allowed for the family to slow their daily activities and appreciate their time together as a family unit. This is an often occurring theme in all of Whittier's works. While completing this project, I learned a lot about family relations and the way a family unit normally works. At the Lampe household, I saw the family from our poem shape up and come to life right before my very eyes. I also learned that video recording and editing takes a lot of patience and planning. the better planned it is, the easier it is to plug things in exactly where you planned them. This helped us to cut down on the amount of time we spent on the various aspects of the project. If my group hadn't been as planned out as we were, we wouldn't have been able to create our project in the three hours that we did, which includes taping, editing, and dvd rendering. The essential concepts we discovered and displayed in our project were Family Relationships and Through Nature Humans Can Understand Big Ideas. We chose these three because they were all mentioned often and were repeated themes throughout the excerpt of the poem. Family Relationships was mentioned in the poem when the father told the children to build a path, when the children worked together to do their chores, and when they were sitting around the fireplace at the end of the poem. We displayed this by having the "three sisters" in our movie and their mother making the hot chocolate for them when they came inside from building the tunnel together. We added Through Nature Humans Can Understand Big Ideas into our project by talking about the tunnel named "Aladdin." This came from the first time they see the snowfall in the poem and they are comparing it to various cultural references around the world, such