Operating Systems Essay

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I have a HP Flyer Laptop PC and I have had it for a few years now. Personally I love it and I think the operating system is great. Reading chapter 8 in the textbook has helped me understand my operating system more and my laptop more as a whole. The operating system that I have on my laptop is Windows 7 Professional. Along with Windows 7 Professional, Service pack 1 is also on the computer. There is a 500 GB hard drive and also 14.7 G of disk space. It was interesting seeing that the processor installed on the laptop is called AMD E - 350 Processor 1.60 GHz. I did not think that processors would have unique labelings, I figured they would just have simple names. The RAM amount is 4.00 GB and the computer cannot be updated to the latest version. Reading about the many features of Windows 7 Professional was a surprise because I did not notice all of them until I did some research. Windows 7 Professional has an encrypting file system that enables encrypting of files and folders directly from Windows explorer. Another great feature is that the whole computer or certain files, folders, etc can be backed up on DVDs, CDs, and networks along. The computer, files, folders, etc can also be restored from the DVDs, CDs, and networks. There is also a memory support feature that allows 192 GB of physical memory to be supported. Along with the other features, Windows 7 Professional has location aware printing. This means that your computer can search for near printers and will connect and print from nearby printers. Another feature I discovered in remote desktop connect. Remote desktop connect allows you to connect to another Pc that also runs Windows 7 Professional. There are a lot of other features