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F&N suppliers requirements :
1) Lower cost of ingredients
2) Quality aluminum, glass, plastic bottle
3) Accurate supply and no out of stock
F&N end customer requirements :
1) taste 2) flavor 3) thirst 4) nice packaging
The organization that I would like to highlight is F&N Beverages (M) Sdn Bhd. This company is one of the biggest manufacturers of beverages and isotonic drinks in Malaysia. The brands under the belt of this company are 100 Plus, Coca Cola, F&N Orange Juice and many others well known established sub brands.

Conversion/ Transformation Process from F&N end user to its suppliers via Product Planning and Marketing Team

New isotonic products that will have the greatest taste and flavor. It also able to quench
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Group technology is a manufacturing philosophy in which similar parts are grouped together in a cell. By doing this, it will lead to simplify design, manufacturing, purchasing and other business processes. Consequently it will leads to high quality level and profitable production. There are many advantages of using Group Technology in the manufacturing process.
One of the advantage is it will leads to reduce purchasing cost. Purchasing can group similar parts and achieve quantity discounts. For non-standard purchased parts, grouping helps suppliers achieve savings and reduce price. For example in Proton, the purchasing department will be able to leverage and get quantity discounts by purchasing similar parts from Proton vendors. Thus this reduce of cost can be pass down to Proton customers which will able to get Proton cars at a reasonable price.
Also, as the Group Technology environment encourages the use of information and data sharing on the costing, stocks availabilities and delivery lead times, businesses will be able to leverage this information to negotiate with vendors and suppliers for the best cost and parts availabilities. For example, Dell Computers can source it parts from different vendor across its vendor list using the sourcing data available and this will reduce