Outline Of Operation Management

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Operation Management ( Outline plan)

2.Operation Management: The definition of the operation management contains following keywords – Resources, Systems, transformation and Value addition Activities.

3.Customer services: Customer service is a key objective of operations management. These aspects of customer service – specification, cost and timing, they are the principal sources of customer satisfaction and must therefore be the principal dimension of the customer service objective for operations managers.

4.Resources Utilisation: Another major objective of operating systems is to utilize resources for the satisfaction of customer wants effectively. Customer service must be provided with the achievement of effective operations through efficient use of resources.

5.Supply Chain Management : 1.Supply Chain Management (SCM) is defined as the management of materials as well information flows both in and between links in the chain; which include vendors, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers. 2. Give the important issues that have to be addressed in SCM-1.The configuration of the distribution network.2.The strategy used for distribution: this includes issues such as ‘pull’ or ‘push’ strategies, centralized versus decentralized, direct shipment, cross docking, third party logistics, etc. 3.The management of inventory: the optimal amount of raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods need to be managed and the best location of storage determined.4.The management of the information flow: systems and processes throughout the supply chain need to be alligned and intergrated to ensure the efficient transfer of valauble inventory, transportation, demand indicator, and forecast information.

6.Differences in Ops Mgt for Service Sector Environments: Operations management theory traditionally was developed for manufacturing/production sector companies. The theories tended to cover issues such as economic batch quantities, line balancing and stock controls, which were very relevant to these companies.

7.Key areas of importance in Ops Mgt: Give the definition of each key that important within operation management. -Purchase practices, Quality Management, Product and Service Management, Inventory Management, Logistics and Transport Management, Facilities Management, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human