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Opinion Piece : Grist

I personally recommend the literature circle novel, Grist to other students. Right from the beginning the novel captured my attention and I was always anticipating what was going to happen next. The novel had many unexpected plot twists which kept me on my toes the whole time. It is for these reasons why I would recommend this book.

Firstly, the main character is relatable to a teen. Char is very sarcastic and a lot of the things she goes through in the novel are similar to those a student in a high school setting might experience, for example, bad grades, having a boyfriend, etc. Throughout the novel, Grist deals with love and friendship conflict. For example, when Sam moved away to Australia Char was going to Lake Ringrose for the summer so they had to communicate through letters and they discovered that they mean a lot more to each other than they realized. It was at this point when Sam realized his feelings for Char. Char had already started to date Kerry in private when Sam was developing a crush on Char. When Char deals with love and friendship readers can connect because the modern teen deals with these issues throughout their high school life.

Secondly, the novel has many plot twists and unexpected turns. Throughout the novel Grist there both big and some small twists. The biggest plot twist was when Kerry and Char turned out to be brother and sister. Although it was predictable this was a much needed plot twist that happened right when the