Essay on Oppertunites for Women

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Baseball is an American sport that is recognized by many as the “national pastime.” During the 19th and early 20th century it was one of the most popular sports played and watched in America. Baseball was a game that developed slowly over time, but the origin and rules of baseball originated from a British game called rounders. The introduction of baseball changed America in many ways beyond the big ball parks, radio broadcasts, and newspapers. Baseball was formed to bring people together and serve as a source of entertainment, but it became much more important than just a game. Baseball became a gateway to opportunities people never imagined possible. Over time women started to participate in the sport and their own leagues were later created. Major League Baseball became very popular but because women could not participate in it softball also became very popular. Softball was the alternative sport for women. Baseball was significant to Americans because as it developed and changed over time it created incredible opportunities for women to participate in sports and be recognized as athletes. It is perceived that many people believe that Abner Doubleday invented baseball in Cooperstown, New York. This myth was later found to be a misconception. After research, Doubleday was found to be a cadet at West Point which was not located near Cooperstown. That is the only proof needed to take all eyes off of Doubleday being the genius who invented baseball. Baseball gets its name from “base ball,” two important factors of the game (Stewart 5-8). Mr. Chadwick was a man who was appointed to a committee to state his opinions on the issue of the creation of baseball. He helped to distinguish its true origin which was rounders. Mr. Chadwick said, “the fact that rounders was played by two opposing sides of contestants, on a special field of play, in which a ball was pitched or tossed to an opposing batsman, who endeavored to strike the ball out into the field far enough to admit of his safely running the round of the bases, so as to enable him to score a run, to count in the game-the side scoring the most runs winning the game-fully identifies the similarity of the two games (Danzig and Reichler 22).” The term base ball was the game that was played as early as the 1700’s where men would hit a ball with a club or a stick and run from base to base. Americans were introduced to baseball in the 18th century when English immigrants would come to the United States and play rounders. Rounders was a game that had the same basic rules that baseball in America has today. There was a feeder who would toss a ball to the striker, who would then try and hit the ball to be able to run the bases. The bases were then made with stone and the bats out of wood. There were four bases on the dirt field, and if the batter swung three times and missed the player could be “put out.” There were defensive players who would try to make plays and catch the balls that the striker would hit (Stewart 5-8). Rounders was a game that was introduced to Americans during a time where being athletic and playing sports was not praised. Around this time many Americans were focused on education, and supporting and spending time with their families. The Europeans were very competitive and engrossed in keeping fit. Americans were not familiar with athletics and sports so when rounders was first introduced, it was not welcomed. During the 18th century many Americans found themselves living in cities, and working jobs that required physical labor. Working long hours all day stressed many people out, so they needed something that would help them relax and provide entertainment. Baseball was the best option to provide entertainment, enjoyment, and relaxation (Stewart 5-8). The game of baseball grew rapidly, and shortly became something everyone understood and accepted. As time passed the game of baseball became more popular and created a higher demand of attention. The growing