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Business case study
[Author Name]

Table of Contents
Executive summary 3
Introduction 4
1.0 How does the company deals with customers? 5
1.1 Company Suppliers 5
1.2 Company Partnerships 6
2.0 What is the company’s strategy? 6
2.1 Business process 7
2.2 IT systems 8
3.0 Company’s current website ordering system 9
3.1 Are Systems interconnected? 10
3.2 System e-Transformation stage 10
4.0 Has the company considered improvements? 10
4.1 Company future goals 10
5.0 How could the company benefit based on one of the presented ideas? 11
5.1 IBM (smarter planet) 11
5.2 Restaurant industry global trends. 12
5.3 improvement and changes 14
6.0 How to deal with business process? 14
6.1 how does change affect employees and suppliers? 16
6.2 Communication with customers, suppliers and business partners 16
7.0 What would the company need to do in order to market their products or services better? 16
7.1 What improvements should the company make in each Dimension? 16
8.0 Describe your Assignment completion journey. 20
9.0 Concluding remarks 21
References 22

Executive summary

The purpose of this study is to conduct research about Starbucks coffee how the business is operating and what are the gaps the company has. The report is going to be conduct by researching and collecting information about the company. Starbucks’s company has an old dated website that need to be upgraded for the convenient of their loyal customers. Also, they will need to invest in a better employment plan that includes teaching them politeness and providing them well-respected benefits. Finally, In order to stay up-to-date, the company will need to concentrate on its core competencies and avoid scattering themselves to pieces. The company needs to be inventive and come up with new value innovations by improving the customer experience by Investing in online content and interactivity, rather than creating more new products. This step will avoid the company from its competitors and other coffee chains.


Starbucks is a company that sells beverages famously “coffee.” It is classified as a restaurant industry. Starbucks First location opened in 1971. The shops name was inspired by Moby Dick’s first mate. Both the name and the mermaid logo were an inspiration from the love of the ocean; in the heart of Pike Place market located in Seattle Washington was the first original Starbucks location. It started as a small coffee shop that has only specialized in high quality coffee and brewing products the company grew to be one of the largest roasters in Washington with several location until the early 80’s. In 1981, current CEO Howard Schultz started working with founder Jerry Baldwin after he recognized a great opportunity which was