Organic Cotton T-Shirts Advertising Plan Essay

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I. Executive Summary 4 II. Situation Analysis 4 Company (Product/Service) Description 4 SWOT Analysis 5 Strengths 5 Weaknesses 5 Opportunity 5 Threats 6 Industry Analysis 6 Target Market Description 7 Market Segments 7 Market Characteristics 8 Marketing Mix 8 Competitive Analysis 9 III. Advertising Objectives 10 Communication goals 10 Purchasing behavior 10 Positioning 10 IV. Advertising (Creative) Strategy 11 Product Concept 11 Target Audience 11 Communications Media 11 Media Objectives 12 Media Plan 12 Communication Effectiveness 13 Advertising Message 13 V. Testing and Evaluation 13 Advertising Research 13 Effective Measurement 14 VI. References 14

I. Executive Summary
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The Company will have original designs printed in-house.
The Company is located in Belmar, NJ and will sell directly to retail stores and to customers at retail prices through the The Company website.
SWOT Analysis
* Strong reputation and excellent product quality * Innovative designs through experienced staff * Efficient online ordering system * 19 years of marketing and design experience
* Low on available cash flow for advertising * No retailers carrying our products to help with brand and product awareness * Small sales staff * Limited marketing budget * No brand awareness
* Sponsor surfing events to increase brand recognition * Expand to Australia and Europe * Create alliance with retailers * Expand line to included hemp, and other environmentally friendly materials
* Larger competition coming into the market with organic cotton t-shirts * Consumers unwilling to pay for the benefits of organic cotton * Organic cotton contaminated by genetically modified (GM) or conventional cotton * Decrease in organic cotton production * Economy will put pressure to lower prices
Industry Analysis
The retail sales of t-shirts are a $150 billion a year industry in the United States with growth expected at a rate of 4% to 5% annually. Surf shops provide the customer with the chance to see how the t-shirt fits and feels.