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UNIQLO is a famous casual clothing brand in worldwide. It is the trump card brand for FAST RETAILING GROUP and has always been ranked among the fashion industry. UNIQLO provides products in high quality and substantial price, the “all-match” style which is widely popularize by UNIQLO is accepted by consumers. UNIQLO brought the warehouse-type marketplace to japan, Implemented SPA strategy, supposes clothes which are suitable for all populations on sundry occasions. UNIQLO set up factory in China which is the largest textile and garment producer in the world, the cheap labour power further reduced production costs. UNIQLO has lived through two financial crises and breakthrough in difficulty, acquired other brands and opened new stores, expanded new market in Asia, Europe and North America. Despite all these discouragements, UNIQLO refused to give up. The advanced management concept made the company gains a firm foothold in the United States and Great Britain.

UNIQLO is one of biggest clothing retail in the world which taking top five positions behind INDITEX (ZARA), Hennes & Mauritz, Gap, and Limited Brands, and the best in the Japan. UNIQLO is based on Japan was established on 1949 and was one hundred part of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd after restructured on 2005 has been separated as a subsidiary called UNIQLO Co., Ltd (Industry Ranking)1. For mission is obviously “made for all” which is mean innate character of being. In addition, clothes never play the role; it is a man who plays the role. Still a crucial principle is that good clothes can be worn at any time, any place by anyone in furthermore to create satisfied and comfortable. In recently years, UNIQLO has aggressively expended markets from Japan to overseas markets, such as China, Europe, and North American. For following we are going to give some detail about UNIQLO strategic analysis and choice which including internal and external issues have affected company positive and negative decision-making. In addition, more details about process of decision-making which successful and unsuccessful results. In over all, how to deal with problems which to make firm from better to excellent.

Strategy analysis
In this present day society, external operation environment and internal operation environment have been existed an influence on the development of retail industry (Lings, 2009)2. It is manifest that internal environment plays an increasingly key role in retail strategy. In the UNIQLO Company strategy,there has been much discussion revolving around the issue of whether the internal environment can make positive role in the company development. As we know, there are some strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment in each retail industry (Papasolomou, 2012)3. Compelling arguments can be made that a retail strategic audit may include many aspects, while UNIQLO without exception.

External Environment
The development of fast retailing company is an enterprise continual followed market innovation and constantly beyond itself. The graph (Unilo Case Study, 2011)4 showed the sales and number of stores between 1996 and 2010. From the 1996, it increased every year to 2001, although it dropped slightly by 2003, but it recovered quickly to 2010, its' sales rise 14 times in fourteen years.

In the 1990s, after the economic bubble, Japanese society appear two peaks middle-class reduced significantly, move to upper-class and under-class, moreover lower-middle class was occupied 78% (IBID)5. In this situation the UNIQLO's business volume was depended on this group. Most of these buyers were lived in suburbs, so UNIQLO opened warehouse stores in suburbs, and sold good quality, low price basic leisure clothes. Then the Fast Retailing company expanded scale, in the meanwhile its’ fabrics purchasing moved to China. Between 2002 and 2003, sales revenue and net profits of UNIQLO plummets. Although it continual opened stores to foreign countries,