Organic Food Case Study

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1) Consumers perception and purchase intention towards organic food products: exploring attitude among academicians
.The article objectives was to gain knowledge about attitude towards organic food products and to see if that it any potential for consumer to change the behaviour. The article also tries to examine the purchase decision and amount spent on organic food products. The research also understands factors that influence consumer purchase intention it was identified that health consciousness is major reason for people to consume organic food after environmental concerns. Barrier for organic food consumption is price. The study also revealed that consumers concern for the environment was not revealed through their purchase. Future
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The study revealed that the reason for purchasing organic food have been attributed to factors like: health, consciousness, environmental concerns, religious beliefs, chance to farmers, etc. the factors attributing to motivation of organic foods are taste, health care, safeguard environment, convenience and support organic farmers income. Price, low awareness kevel, availability and lack of knowledge of organic production are still the major hindrance for organic products. From the study it was found that consumers give a lot of importance to sensory information. So further studies could be conducted in this area.
13) Consumer perception of organic foods in Bangkok, Thailand.
The purpose of the study was to know the knowledge of organic food of Bangkok, Thailand. The obejectives are to understand the knowledge about oraginc food and its distinction from normal products. The study also trieed to dvelop consumer profile who purchase and consume. 848 consumers were targeted in 7 different suoermarkets. Data was processed with the help of SPSS. Descriptive analysis, crosstables and chi-sqaure tests were doene. The findings said that, there is a lack of information flow between the producers and consumers. Consumers are confused If the products are really healthy. price is still a major
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Also a computer assisted telephone interview were conducted among 1200 consumers. The study identified that organic food consumers expressed stronger views and motivation in issues relation g to environment , animal welfare, biotechnology etc .There is a strong correlation between increasing consumption level og organic food and levels of formal education , the main motivational factor was identified as health and natural content