Explain How Performance Readiness Can Be Applied To Teams

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1. Explain how performance readiness can be applied to teams. Provide examples.

Performance readiness is applied to teams by the leader determining the overall goal of each member of the team, their ability, willingness and confidence level to perform a job and the amount of definition the may need for an objective if they need any at all.

2. Explain why teams are a competitive strategy for an organization. Provide examples.

Teams are a competitive strategy for organizations for more than just one reason. Projects assigned to teams are more likely to get done than projects assigned to individuals. The projects are also done faster and they are better quality work because there is more than just one person doing the work and there are more ideas available to make the project better. Employees also statistically like working in groups more because they feel like they belong and are contributing to something. Management costs are also lower because less management is needed. Managers can concentrate on teams instead of individuals.

3. Describe the three steps to implementing performance management and provide an example of each.

The three steps to implementing performance management are performance planning which is the setting of objectives and goals at the beginning of a planning period for followers to achieve. The second is coaching which is the day to day actions and feedback of activities aimed at enhancing performance. The last is performance