Organizational Design Essay

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Key Concepts of Organizational Design
If an organization is to remain effective as it changes and grows with its environment, managers must continuously evaluate the way their organizations are designed: for example, the way work is divided among people and departments, and the way it controls its human, financial, and physical resources. Organizational design involves difficult choices about how to control—that is, coordinate organizational tasks and motivate the people who perform them—to maximize an organization’s ability to create value (Jones, 2004). Maintaining that competitive edge in the snack food industry can be challenging. Snacks and goodies are considered one of America’s favorite past times. Best Snacks has held the number
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3) Reduce redundancies by eliminating extra and unproductive processes.
4) Stream line processes by giving it more focus and adoptive nature.
5) It help to reduce costs because the controlling of various cost control centers are controlled at micro level.
6) It gives focus and direction to an organization.Strategy, Structure, and Process in Organizations
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Organizational Design and Decision-Making Processes
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