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Organizational Transformation Q&A
Jessica Banks
May 6, 2015
Priyatosh Barman

In an organization, it is important to cultivate talent and motivates employees to participate in the growth and expansion of the company. In this paper, we will address the roles that incentive, training, and education play in cultivating the employees. This paper will also show how the role of leadership will play in directing and sustaining the organization. We must make sure that as we are trying to promote the success of the company that we also must ensure that the company remains ethical.
Identify and characterize the roles Education is one of the key characteristic in sustaining innovation within the organization. Once the education is available for the employees to learn, the various aspects of the company the creativity will flow. Along with education comes training. Education is key, but the training of the company's products and capabilities is what will bring forth the ideas. The company I work for offers various training programs to train or educate the employees on the various department functions. I have been at this company for over twenty years, and there is only two – three departments that I have not worked in. Does that mean that there is really nothing else for me to learn? No, it means it is time to reintroduce myself to those various departments to see how technology has aided or how technology can aid with the various job functions. My company offers incentives once an idea is accepted. The incentives range from a company paid day off to a monetary gift.
Role of Leadership Leadership within an organization is key to developing a creative and motivating atmosphere. Maintaining innovation within the organization is harder than people think. It is the responsibility of the managers to continue to cultivate their team’s creativity. Managing the creativity of the team and making sure the ideas are giving the proper attention is one of the keys. Any idea that is presented should not be ridiculed or judged but submitted to the decision-making team. My company’s CEO always talks about how the company is only as great as the employees. He also says that the employees are the eyes and years of the company's future. We are the consumers that are targeting, and he would like to know our ideas as to what would make our day to day lives easier, besides more money.
Each company has to be very careful to make sure they are operating ethically. A couple of examples is theft. A great idea can easily be stolen by a member of management that accepted the idea. The theft is greatly unethical, and management has to be held accountable with these types of incidents occur. All ideas