Origin Myth: The Story of us Essay

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The Story of US

Christopher Ruiz-Garcia
English III
Mrs. Lazalde
29 August 2014

The Story of US
Before Earth was discovered, the city of Elysium, was a place where the gods lived. The president of the gods, was named Chris. One day Chris had a nightmare involving his son Shawn; who was recently named commander in Chief of the Elysium army. In his dream Chris saw a dark cloud circling the army, and fire balls falling from the sky. Chris had never believed in the power of dreams.

Shawn received the letter later that day, once he read the letter, he prepared his men with more practice drills , and kept a thousands of men ready. Shawn ordered every family to enlist one man in the army. With this order Shawn had made, thousands of man had joined.

The following year, a neighboring city attacked Elysium, the army Shawn made gave orders to attack, but the neighboring city was winning. The war came to the last battle, the neighboring city had the upper hand lighting all the houses on Elysium on fire, the people were in shock; Shawn knew the war was lost, but would not surrender. The neighboring city gathered all the people of Elysium, and sent them on a spacecraft. As the spacecraft landed, the people of Elysium were terrified.

As they exited the spacecraft, they noticed that they landed on a snowy mountain. On that mountain they saw many big bears, the people of Elysium asked Chris "What shall we call this mountain?',