Essay on Origin of Man

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The Origin of Man is one of the most difficult statements or question that we have face as humans to answer. There are too many variables that goes into understanding the true meaning of the Origin of Man. Some of the variables that would question the Origin of Man would be Religion and Scientific knowledge or researched. Through Religion we are to believe that God “created humankind and all modern living creatures in a single, spontaneous week of creation. Through Science and researched we are to believe that we descended from the primate family of hominids. This is in part is hard for myself to believe that we as humans came from Apes, gorillas and chimpanzee. We are lead to believe that the first humans came from the Europe to which I …show more content…
Homo sapiens came from Africa and were brown skinned to dark skin because of the harmful rays of the sun. Pale to white Homo sapiens were the same as of those who were brown to dark skin, they just adapted to their environment. In order to absorb the “beneficial rays of the less direct sunlight” those in cooler climates adapted and developed a more of a pale skin. The theory of Homo sapiens does not follow the theory of the bible that god created man. The story of Adam and Eve as we know it. The Garden of Eden was in Africa can be another evidence of to distraught the belief that we came from apes or gorillas. God created humans as we are today and these humans migrated to other parts of the world. The only similarities between these two theories were that Homo sapiens evolved into smarter humans over time. Developing weapons, learning how to maintained in one place, and when the environment change the ability to move or migrate to other areas to start over. The difference is in the belief that we come from other animals like apes and gorillas but according to archeologist this theory follows findings of ancient bones and weapons that showed how we evolved over time. Whether we believe these theories is solely based on facts. The facts are the artifacts and bones that have been found through out Africa. I believe in researched and proving a theory with scientific method the 160,000-year-old Man brings this