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How many people do you know? And out of those people, who do you consider your friends? Furthermore, out of your friends, how many of them are you actually close to? One?, two?, or even three? And out of those friends, how long do you think your friendship will last?
Well, right now, you’re probably thinking, that your friendship will last forever, but however, in reality, when we graduate, we’re most likely going to move on.
According to Irene S. Levine’s Book titled
“Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend”, most friendships, even really good ones, only last for about 7 years.
Now there are many reasons regarding this.
For instance, people change, after you graduate from high school, you won’t be meeting up with your friend as often as you used to, so your hobbies change, you make new friends, and slowly, but surely, you grow apart, and the person you used to consider your best friend, will only be fragment of your memory. Another reason could be, you get into a fight with your friend, and you let too much time pass. Fighting with friends in school was usually no big deal, since both of you had to see each other everyday in school, and you’d feel obliged to make up, since the person is, after all, your best friend. But after you graduate from school, you are no longer forced to see your friend everyday, you’ll ignore him, and avoid him, and the two of you will slowly grow apart.
Another reason, they could be they’re just flat out bad friends, and you had to seize the opportunity to get rid of them, which is, i might add, a smart move.
But what if you don’t want to lose these friendships? What if you want to stay friends with “BFF” Well, first, you gotta keep this phrase in your mind “quality over quantity” keep the good friends, ignore the bad ones.
Unless, you or your friend have been living under a rock for the past decade, then you’d probably have access to some form of social

media, be it Facebook, twitter, or even Skype.
Now, after you graduate, make sure you keep in touch with your friend. A simple “like” on
Facebook isn’t enough. Try commenting, tweeting, Skyping, and if you’re really eager, calling your friend. Now, these small actions by themselves may not amount to much, but together, these small messages, and skype conversations form the “big conversations” the two of you usually have. By doing this, you’re on the road to maintaining your precious friendship. One of the biggest