Essay on Osmosis and Tape Measure

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The aim of this experiment is to observe the way the eggs that model cells absorb different liquid concentrations.

The egg will become bigger or smaller in weight and circumference as well as change in color because of the liquid it is in.
• Vinegar
• Salt 50 ml water 250 ml
• Food coloring
• Coke
• Lemonade
• Water (control)
• Cups (18)
• Triple Balance Beam
• Tape measure
• Paper
• Pencil
• Gloves (optional)
• Graduated cylinder
Put on gloves (if you want) then you go and take your measurement on your first egg. To do this you go to the egg, pick it up, then put it in the cup specified for measuring it and place it on the triple balance to weigh it. After you do this you record your findings on the chart. Then you continue to do this for eleven more eggs.
To take the circumference of the egg first you remove the egg from the liquid. Then you carefully pick up the egg and take the tape measure and then measure the width of it. After you do this you go to the graph and record your findings on that days date. Proceed to do this eleven more times for 13 days not including weekends.

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The eggs did change as expected to do so. This may conclude that my hypothesis was accepted because the model egg became larger or smaller in weight and circumference as well as change in color.
I can assume from this that osmosis and diffusion play a big part…