Essay about Ottoman Empire and Greek Civilization

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Pick an empire/kingdom from each group

3. Compare and contrast the decline/fall of the empires/kingdoms
The Greek civilization is one of the greatest and progressive civilizations than the other two civilizations. However, the concept of states and the authority provided to each state could not be maintained. Because of this reason, the once strong and untied Greek Empire fought between each other. The senators of Athens rose against the Warriors of Sparta and the conflict resulted in disability among the many departments of the Greek empire. The Romans conquered Macedonia in 146 BC and thus resulted in the penetration of Romans in Greek which resulted in the complete annexation of the Greek civilization in 27 BC.
The Muaryan Empire collapsed in the year 200 BC, when the Greeks started the trade with the empire. There was a huge difference between the advancement in the field of science and technology among the two civilizations. The Greeks noticed the raw crafting and forging of metals and their ancient methods of metallurgy through these trading, the Greeks started to penetrate through the Afghanistan belt by taking up different regions under their control since 180 BC. The invasion led by different Greek kings, which resulted in the fall by the hands of the great Alexander in 128 BCE (Chase-Dunn, 2000).
The Ottoman Empire was the pioneer in advanced weaponry and metal crafting, but their decline started when they started to sell these inventions and marvel to different nations. The Ottoman Empire, like many other Muslim empires, started to indulge in merry making and other likewise activities. The monarchical system of such an enormous empire started to create dirty politics within the royal family, which resulted in a severe threat from the neighboring countries. The Ottoman Empire was ended during the First World War, when the Army overtook the government and ended the “Caliphate” (İnalcık, H., & Quataert, 1994)
4. The Greek civilization is the greatest of all three civilization stated in this particular assignment. The reason to base such result is because of the fact that the Greeks were the pioneers in formulating the modern social, economic, military and political wings of the nation. The Greeks contributed in every field of life, which varied from arts and music up to modern warfare techniques. The Scientific and Technological advancement during the Greek Civilization was thousands of year’s head of its time. The concept of planets, solar systems and other astronomical advancement yielded many striking observations. The Greeks contributed a lot of