Globalization Mongols

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Without globalization the world we live in wouldn’t be how it is today. From the beginning of time until now, globalization has happened in many different forms. To simply focus on the time up to 1500, there are many different ways globalization occurred. All of the ways civilization expanded or spread ideas to globalize the world were through conquering, trade routes, religion and exploration. From these came Alexander the Great expanding and conquering, new religions rising, to the silk roads, the Mongols conquering, and the wide spread of different diseases with exploration. To start off, civilizations like the Greeks were powerful and conquered large amounts of land and once they captured them, the Greeks would influence their new land’s …show more content…
As the Mongols conquered China, then Persia and made its way into Russia and almost to Europe. The Mongol Empire built a Eurasia network. The Mongols promoted international trading within its widespread Empire because they could tax it and become wealthy from more developed civilization then the Mongols were. The Mongol Empire not only provided economic and political relationship, but also the exchange of people’s culture. From the textbook it stated, “Mongol policy forcibly transferred many thousands of skilled craftsmen and educated people from their homelands to distant parts of the Empire, while Mongol’s religious tolerance and support of merchants drew missionaries and trades from afar”. The Mongol empire allowed the exchange of many culture ideas to different food products. Chinese technology, like painting, printing and gunpowder weapons were technology that spread westward. Food products like lemons and carrots from the Middle East came into China. As the Silk Roads provided disease so did the traveling among the Mongol Empire. The disease was the plague, which is carried by rodents and transmitted by fleas to humans. The plague spread like wild fire, from China to Western Europe. The Mongols also used the disease as weapon, catapulting corpses infected with the plague. The Black Death was one the longest disease to spread that causes thousands to die. The Mongol Empire with its vast network exchange helped Europe with gaining its future power. One by not invaded Europe and them gaining technology with other resources through the Mongol Empire established the start of future globalization on the Western Hemisphere through