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In today’s society it never surprise me to see other patients traveling far and near to receive medical help. Our family wants what’s best for our love ones. Patient safety with health care quality safety interventions and strategies planning needs to be put into place before running a safe sufficient hospital. What you don’t know about a hospital can put you at great risk. Continuous improvement, including the elimination of deviation and error, are arguably. The potential to serve as a sustained energizing force. When there’s poor communication skills and a negative work environment how do you expect to bring your family members to a hospital when the staff members will not referred their own relatives. In order to run any hospital you must have good communication skills and be a good listener. Strong leadership and the ability to motivate other employees. In addition, administrators need to be flexible and be able to listen to different opinions and opposing views. Communication skills are vital to being successful in hospital administration. Knowing this information before you seek care can improve your chances for the best outcome possible. Clusters of quality indicators were and often continue to be comprised of the 5Ds—death, disease, disability, discomfort, and dissatisfaction rather than more positive components of quality. achievement of appropriate self-care, demonstration of health-promoting behaviors, health-related quality of life, perception of being well cared for, and symptom management to criterion. Mortality, morbidity, and adverse events were considered negative outcomes. When place on the other of healthcare needs we seem to look at life a little different. Quality of care makes a different in every perspective. It’s bad business for anyone to have a poor hospital experience. Well after being on the other side of healthcare you learned that

Leadership makes a different. Strategic plan is always best to have in order succeeded good medical care. Focus on compassion and caring will help keep good staff members that you can rely on the do a good job in healthcare. The high turnover will immediately cease. When you have open communication and accountability the rest will fall into place for you running a safe and efficient hospital. Sharing all patients’ comments and addressing them accordingly. Being able to work with the compliance as well as the non-compliance patients. Accepting positive feed- back as well as negative feedback. I think any hospital can be the hospital of choice if it is ran the way to accomplish the sick and the well-being. I think the six pillars pillar system was a good implemented to be into place. Every hospital needs to know about their financial report because if you not using your inventory and it is just sitting there and then it expire and you not able to received new patients then you don’t have any revenues coming in this can cost you to close your doors. It must be cash flow coming in in order for cash flow to go out. The patient is our concern you must focus on the patients’ needs and complaint in order to make it better. In order to determine whether your patient is satisfied or not you can do a survey. I just love Wright motto that “A complaint is a gift”. Feedback is always a plus it help for improvement. It’s very important to have your Hospital CEO, telephone number; especially his cell telephone and home number included into his welcome packages were excellent. If we had more hospital like this one the world we are in much better shape especially in healthcare. Patient needs information brought forward to them on how to cope with pain and brochures on pain helps out a lot. It’s always good to have a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professional to follow your condition and plan of care. Offering different types of services toward the patient care helps out a

Lot with the quality of tools been used to improve their care. In order