Out of This Furnace Analysis Essay

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Steel Mill Immigrants Of Industrial America

For many Americans, the late nineteenth century was a time of big business, marked by economic and social evolution. In the period between the 1880 and 1920, the American economy was growing at a rapid pace. Many European immigrants without industrial skills flooded into American factories and steel mills. These new comer's came in search of better economic opportunity, which paved the way for Heavy, low paying labor that became the job description of the era for many immigrants. One such story of immigrants of the time is Thomas Bell's Out of this Furnace. This not only a story of three generations of Slovaks and the challenges they faced but also about the Americanization and evolving of
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These organizations also worked toward a better working environment and a higher wage. Later, Mary is diagnosed with Consumption and she dies. The last part of the novel is about Dobie, one of Mike and Mary's children. This period of time is a time of change, policies towards workers are different from the first and second generations and the unions have finally gained power. No longer do the workers have to endure a twelve-hour workday, nor do they have to live in fear of losing their jobs or even lives. Dobie, who lead the march for economic freedom now finds himself as the union leader trying to gain what his father and grandfather never had. For many Americans, the late nineteenth century was a time of big business marked by economic and social evolution. In Thomas bell's Out Of This Furnace we get a first hand look at life for three generations of Slovak immigrants. Not only did they survive the blast furnaces with the hopes of a better life. They forced social and economic evolution and made life better for all of us, making the country what it is today. At least their hardships were not in vein. Let the heavy soul burn on the light men's feet, where death to a noble end makes dying so