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Media 10
March 24th,2015
Outside Essay#1 A visit to Museum of Tolerance Last weekend,I choose a spare time to take a visit to Museum of Tolerance.It is a museum which tells us the history or stories of Nazi-dominated Europe during World War II.I have learned a lot of hidden history during the period from the 1920s to 1945.What the most important is that I have seen the race conflict between the Germanic people and the Jewish people.Racial discrimination has been a prominent contradiction of society,at that time,caused the tragedy of society. The museum has two exhibitions including main exhibit and Anne Frank exhibit.The Holocaust Exhibit,also called main exhibit,is a sound and light guided.We are led back to be witness to events that Nazi persecuted the Jews.A lot of short stories constitutes the entire visit.When I see the Hitter Letter,it is a letter which he first reveals his Anti-Semitic world view.From the letter,we can clearly feel that Hitler led to the psychological conflict between Germanic people and Jewish.He hoped that through the slaughter of alien to show their own pure ancestry.Another point attracted me is outdoor cafe scene.It show a cafe house which was located in Berlin street in 1939s.People in the cafe house was discussing their different opinions about Nazi.It happened before war beginning and people impended the events.The different people had their own thinking and view that let us be personally on the scene.It is to be observed that Hall of testimony is really amazing.We listen to the interesting and unforgettable stories of the sacrifice of victims and survivors.I have learned a lot from their own stories.They are witness to the racial conflict,also the victims.Wiesenthal office is worth to remember.Simon Wiesenthal’s actual Vienna office is the setting for a multimedia presentation on the life and legacy of Simon Wiesenthal.Documents,artifacts and furniture all show us a really scene so that we can know so much. What interested me is that every visitor receives a different passport card with a interesting story of a child whose life was changed in that period.At the end of visit,the passport tells us the ultimate fate of this child.The child I choose is Marcia Ceitlin.She was born on