Overcoming Obstacles In The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls, helps me parallel my life to see just how many obstacles i’ve overcome.When someone is asked to write their life, they write about the memories that stick out; maybe it’s an injury, a family death, or another tragic story with an even more tragic ending. But my life seems to encounter all of those areas, and that's what gets me to where I am today. Through these troubles and obstacles, I find myself within the midst of life. I think it's what breaks a person that is what makes them who they are. My mindset, faith, injuries, and childhood is what makes me who I am today, in which I'm trying to find. The Glass Castle helps me parallel my life to see just how many obstacles i’ve overcome. Much like Jeannette Walls in the story The Glass Castle, I struggle with physical and emotional issues, as well. The mind itself is one of the most confusing subjects. To think that everyone on this earth has a mind of their own and is capable of holding over 80,000 thoughts per day, according to Dr. Deepak Chopra, that's simply mind-blowing, no pun intended. I think that a healthy mindset is honestly the key to happiness. Everyone goes on and on about how to find who they are and this big idea of self-discovery and finding happiness. But then the day comes to an end and …show more content…
I always look for a concrete answer in everything, that’s why I like math. I think that there is an answer and exactness to all things. I was at FCA one morning, and a guest speaker was giving his presentation. I was very tired and kind of dozing off, but then I heard him talk about how everyone in this world is just wanting to know their purpose in life. Then he said this: As Christians, we have one job, and one job only. Our purpose and goal in life is to glorify and share the Word of God. After this, it all made sense. We are here for one purpose only: to decide whose side we will be on after our days come to an