Overcoming the Great Depression: The New Deal Essay

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The New Deal was President Franklin Delanore Roosevelt's plan to pull America out of the Great Depression. The New Deal is thought to have been one of the main things that helped pull us out of the Great Depression. Franklin D. Roosevelt's intentions were not clearly seen through out his campaign, but once he was in office it was clear the President Roosevelt's New Deal was no joke. He attacked it aggressively, submitting many reform measurements to Congress. In fact, he called a special congressional meeting on March 9, 1995, which lasted ninety-nine days. In the span of those ninety-nine days, he submitted many reformation measurements, and many of them, especially the important ones, were passed. This ninety-nine day meeting is now famously known as the “Hundred Days.” Some of the acts that were passed included the Emergency Banking Act, the Civilian Conservation Corps Act, the Economy Act, and many more. These three acts mentioned above gave the president the power to reopen viable banks and regulate banking, cut federal costs through reorganization of and cuts in salaries and veterans' pensions, and the Civilian Conservation Corps Act made an organization that allowed men between the ages of eighteen to twenty-five to work for the government. They would have to do things such as plant trees, fight fires, build roads, etc. There was another period of time in the summer of 1935 when Congress enacted several important relief and reform measures. This period of time is sometimes called the “Second Hundred Days.” Some of the reform measures past during that period of time were the