Overcrowding In Prisons

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Prisons overcrowding can be said to be a situation in which the demand for space in prison is higher than the prisons than the prisons can accommodate. As facts acquired from surveys suggests, an average of twenty two prisons systems hold more than double their capacity with other 28 countries holding a capacity of 150% and 200%. The highest rates of prisons overcrowding are in the United States (El Salvador) at 320%, Benin, Africa at 363% and Philistines at 316%. Overcrowding translates to small spaces allocated to each prisoner that do not meet the minimum space allocated to each prisoner as dictated by the law. As a result of this, some groups may be adversely affected by this some of which include women and even children. Overcrowding in prisons can be attributed to many causes which are discussed below.According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 1985 there were approximately 550,000 inmates in the U.S. prison and this figure jumped to 1,400,000 by 1995 (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2011) …show more content…
Crime can be divided into several categories; the leading crimes are those that are related to drugs. War against drugs has been prominent across the drugs and the penalties for drug peddlers and dealers are usually severe, most of them having long sentences. As a result of this, the prisons are becoming