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Career targets – P4

Current Role:
BTEC National Business Student

Date of Plan:

Date of Review:

Career Goal [Shot term - 2 years]:
Year 1
Year 2

Current Education
Primary school; English SAT’s: 4 Maths SAT’s: 4

Science SAT’s: 4

GCSE’s ; English – C, Maths – B, Science – C, Additional Science – B, Spanish – B, ICT – C
AS (Equivalent); Health and Social Care – Merit
Pending grades; Double business BTEC Level 3, Science BTEC Level 3

Required Education:
Any education (formal or informal) needed to reach ultimate goal.

My ultimate goal is to be an international account executive. So in order to achieve that I must get a DMM in
Double Business and Science Level 3 BTEC.
I must get into university and pass the international business with a language degree.
During the course I must get some placement and real-life work experience within international accounting.

Current Skills/Experience:
Any skills or experience you possess that are relevant to your ultimate goal.

Time keeping skills
Judgement and decision making skills
Social perceptiveness
Being a good leader
Being transparent
Required Skills/Experience:
Any additional skills or experience you need for your ultimate career goal.

Organisation skills
International business course
/ AAT course

Target 1
My first SMART target is to complete all my BTEC work up to a DMM.


Completion Date

Specific – for double business I have 4 units to complete, some just need tweaking and other may need a lot of work. For Science I have 1 more unit to complete and I’m almost halfway.


Measurable – by the 23rd of July, all my work must be finished and marked.
Achievable – if I spend more extra time after school hours have finished and at home, I can allow myself to work in a wider time frame.
Realistic – Also, if I use my lesson time wisely then I can get more work done efficiently.
Time bound – Regardless of the methods I use to do my work, it all must be handed in best before the 23rd of July.

Target 2
My second SMART target is to gain sufficient work experience in international accounting.

Completion Date
Specific – my aunt is a chartered accountant, she will be giving work experience in her firm. I will learn the necessary skills needed for my chosen career.


Measurable – I plan to have things finished by the 3rd of August 2015.
Achievable - The whole process should be about 2 - 8 weeks, since I am not occupied with school by that time, I will be able to put in more time and effort.
Realistic - I believe I can complete everything within 6 weeks, I can tarnish the skills that is required for my career.
Time bound - the time frame for this is the whole summer holiday, so if i don't meet my set deadline, then i can extend in to the 19th of
September 2015.

Career Goal [Medium term - 5 years]
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5

Target 1

Learn how to drive


Completion Date

Specific - first I have to pay for my provisional which is £50. Then I have to