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Evaluation of M&S corporate communication
Verbal information
Marks and Spencer's have no verbal information on their website as information is always written. this is because they make it easy for their customers to find their products easily. also it is easy for the customers to understand what they are buying as it written clearly about the product.
Presentation of images
Marks and Spencer's have done a good presentation of their website as they have presented every product clearly so its easy for the customers to understand what they are buying. To make it easy for the customers they have put pictures of the products so it's easy for the consumer to see what they are buying. Also next to the product is the price of it as customers can see how much is the product and is it worth the price. On the other hand the Marks and Spencer's website allows the customers to pick a price range. this is very helpful for the consumer as it lets them pick how much they want to spend minimum on a product for example: £30- £50. Furthermore Marks and Spencer's put offers on during the year this is because they want to attract more customers to buy their goods.
Text, headings and links
Marks and Spencer's have glowing presented their information in bold as it attracts the customers attention for example Shoes and Suits. when Marks and Spencer's put a deal on during the year they always put it in capital letters and put it in bold as they customer who is viewing the product can clearly see that the product is on sale. This will attract allot of people in buying the product and creating more sales for the business. Marks and Spencer's is very easy to access as all you need is internet connection. The website can be accessed anywhere in the world as it's a worldwide company. This is very helpful for the customers as they can be anywhere ordering their products. This makes less stress for the customers as they don't need to go to the store to get their products when they can get their products delivered home for free.
Layout of pages
Marks and Spencer's have layed out their pages very clearly which is a good thing because the consumer knows where to go on the website. also Marks and Spencer's have categorised all their products so its easy for the customer who is shopping to choose their products easily. Also Marks and Spencer's have made to different columns to make it easy for Men and Women to shop. In Addition it shows that Marks and Spencer's is a very well structured company as it always wants its customers to have the best customer service provided. This is good for the business as its customers can buy all their products easily and have no trouble. Additionally Marks and Spencer's have a variety of images on their website so they can attract customers to buy their products. they also have made it very colourful so they can get allot of eye catching to their products. on the other hand Marks and Spencer's don't use anything in the background for example Music this is because they want their customers to buy their products and not persuade them. Furthermore the layout of the pages is well presented and will attract allot of people's attention.

Marks and Spencer have used the theme Men's and Women's clothing. when a customer's clicks on a male or female department i will show a variety of clothing for the