Early Education Research Paper

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W h a t i f n o s c h o o l s e v e r c h a n g e d a n d e v e r y t h i n g s t a y e d t h e s a m e ? A l o t o f s c h o o l s standards and ways of teaching would be very different than how they are today. Most of the s k i l l s t h a t k i d s h a v e t o d a y w o u l d n ’ t e x i s t i n m o d e r n d a y s u c h a s 2 1 s t c e n t u r y s k i l l s . J o b s t o d a y would be very difficult to get too because kids wouldn't be taught how to work in those environments in highschool or college or at an early age. Desirable jobs today like becoming a doctor require usually and almost always years of college. The world would not be as a wonderful place as it is today. Education in america has grown and transformed from the very beginning and, recent innovations have improved effectiveness and prepared students with much sought after 21 century skills and enhanced career readiness.
Early Education
First start at the beginning when school was usually only a one room school house. Education and school back then was just starting and not at its
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Creative thinking is another skill in the 4 different skills some things involved are being divergent/ different which is what creative is all about being original and new not the same as anyone else. Also organic being creative is organic (not a nature thing) it means to think outside the box not just what everyone else has done. Communicating is another aspect of 21st century skills some of the things to be a good communicator are listening to what other ideas/people are trying to say.Also speaking and letting other people know what you think. Collaborating is the 4th and last skill and it in includes deciding with yourself/other people reporting what is happening (if you have too) and producing y o u r f i n a l p r o d u c t . T h e s e a r e a l l v e r y i m p o r t a n t s k i l l s t o d a y t h a t y o u n e e d t o b e A b l e t o s u c c e s