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Pet Ownership Pets have been around people for about as long as anyone can remember. Many people have owned at least one pet in their lifetime – and I am no exception. I have owned a total of five dogs in the past couple years, my oldest dog currently 10 years old. I know from experience that, owning a pet can be a joyful and fruitful experience. All too often, baby animals are bought or adopted simply because they seem small, cute and cuddly. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the considerable amount of responsibility that ensues, and the animals are abandoned later on. Pets can be some of the most loyal and loving companions that come into our life, so it is important to become a responsible pet owner and provide for our companions. Firstly, before the process of choosing a pet begins, one must make sure they are financially, emotionally and physically ready for a pet. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly. One must be ready to commit to a new addition of the family for the next upcoming years. Take family into consideration, and talk to them about getting a new pet. Also consider the consequences and current/possible future living conditions. A crucial tip to remember would be: do not buy pets on an impulse or as a gift. Doing so will usually result in an abandoned pet. No matter what kind of pet, they all require money, patience, and time, even if not exercise like a dog would. Once everything is taken into consideration and commitment is ready to be made, the process of choosing a pet can begin. Now that second step that is choosing a pet can begin, there are a few other things to consider. “How much money can be spent?” “What pet suits my current lifestyle and personality?” “How much time can be spent?” These are the types of questions that need to be considered when deciding which pet to acquire. If it has been decided that there is time and money for a pet but not enough for a dog or a bunny for example, consider smaller pets such as a goldfish, a pair of parakeets or a gerbil. These are lower - maintenance pets that don’t require too much time, have a relatively simple diet, generally healthy and can still make favorable companionship. Do some research on a possible pet. The more informed a person is, the more likely it will be to choose the right pet. Regardless of the type of the pet that is being considered, recognize that it is a living creature with needs that must be met. When pet has been chosen, it will be time to acquire said pet. Soon after choosing which pet to bring home, the necessary supplies will need to be bought, and the space where the new member of the family will be staying will need to be prepared. The essentials for any pet are food, water and a resting place. Following this, pet-proof the home; make sure is nothing around that could potentially harm pets or get them into trouble. Find out what other necessities the pet will need or will be useful to have. Then, choose where the chosen pet will be coming from. If the pet is a cat or a dog, it is preferable to adopt rather