Pharmacology Case Studies

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During this quarter client experienced cough and abdominal distension that required medical attention in the ER setting; during this visit Rapid FLU A&B were Negative; no other studies were done. Discharged diagnosis was URI Viral; a prescription for Albuterol Sulfate 1 unit via Inhalation every 8 hrs. PRN was given. On 12/8/17 PA Paez ordered Tylenol 650 mg PO Q-8 as needed for fever, Robitussin DM 5 ml PO PRN TID X 3 days for Cough and the recommended Albuterol via Nebulizer as needed. On 12/12/17 Dr. Dill reordered Albuterol premix nebulizer TID X 3 days then BID X 5 days, then QHS X 5 days then D/C; Lasix 20 mg PO X a total of 7 days for Fluid retention; reassess CBC with Diff and BMP and CXR PA and Lateral with revealed no acute infiltrate; client URI resolved with prescribed treatment w/o complications. …show more content…
Dietitian was also consulted to review his meal plan and enhance bowel movement whom recommended to add 2 tbsp. of ground flaxseed at lunch mixed with food plus 2 oz. of prune juice per day before breakfast or after