Pablo Picasso Research Paper

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Born in Spain to middle-class parents in 1881, Pablo Picasso began art work very young age taught by his father. Picasso attended an art school in Barcelona where his family moved. After that he went to Paris where he presented one on the most important works called The Blue period (1900-1904) and also where he decided to live. And Rose (1905-1907) Periods, painted during Picasso's early to mid-20s. By the time Picasso had moved beyond his African Period and created the style called Cubism (1907-1919), he was a world celebrity at the height of his creative power. Picasso used the surrealism. The surrealism is a movement based on the belief of a higher reality and free thought that showing is the rare in something daily. Most of his works were painting of the things that he saw. …show more content…
Surrealism was not the only movement that he created; he was named the father of the Cubism in 1907-1916. The Cubism is art which represents the nature and his similarities which express the ideas of what he saw (Cubism. Pintura y escultura cubista).Pablo Picasso painted like 13,500 portraits and 300 sculptures or ceramic. However, Picasso did receive the Lenin Peace Prize in 1962 and also Stalin Peace prize which is similar to Nobel Peace Prize and was created by the Soviet Union but was call as Lenin Peace Prize in honor of Josef Stalin’s’ birthday. Although, Picasso did not receive as many awards as visual artist as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, he was venerated in generation as the greatest painter (awards and accomplishments). Finally, magnificent Pablo Picasso made unique art works in their fields. Even though they weren’t contemporaneous, they express their imaginations in all works make them equals beyond time. They both knew how to create magnificent arts with