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Health Care reform in the United States is part of an ongoing debate for years and of most recent substantial legislation. Even the Presidential Elections between Obama and Romney was a big issue on the debate platforms. I will discuss some of the key issues at hand are: In what ways have recent health care reform measures expanded or inhibited access to care? How might the changes to access influence utilization? Understanding the concept of what universal health care is and how the current care system is the same or different concept? Let’s start out explaining the universal health care aka ObamaCare official called The Patient Care and Affordable Care Act or Affordable Care Act.
The Patient Care and Affordable Care Act was created and signed into law on March 23, 2010 to make sure that all Americans have access to health care at an affordable costs and to help control the rising health care cost. The PCACA aims to increase the quality and affordability of health care insurance, lower the uninsured rates by expanding private and public insurance coverage, and help reduce the costs of health care for individuals and the government (expenditures). It provides a number of mechanisms coverage and affordability. The PCACA was opposed from the beginning big time, this reform measure creates opportunities for individuals to access insurance with pre-existing conditions, preventative service, immunizations, dependent coverage age up to 26 years of age, and to help develop information for consumers to make informed decisions when shopping for health care insurance. This Act will be implemented in 2014 and the impact of the costs that will have to be covered by employers is a huge concern. Employers are trying to find ways to get around paying for employees health care costs by reducing hours, changing employees from full time to part time, keeping employee staff numbers under 50 to avoid tax increases under The Patient Care and Affordable Care Act. Aimed at providing for the non-insured and under insured citizens of America while providing a guidelines to choosing a health care insurance plan to best fit the customer needs, and the costs to business.
The Universal Health Care is a system which provides financial protection and health care to all the citizens. The way it’s organized is that it’s providing a specific package of benefits to all members with a goal of