Is It Bad To Seniazing With Your Eyes Open When You Sneeze?

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3d printers can print objects in three dimensions by melting plastic and printing out thin layers of plastic on top of each other to form an object. Scientists have taken 3d printing to a new level by trying to print human organs. They use 3d printers to print with cells and human tissue to create organs. A company in California called Organovo has developed a printer that can print liver tissue that is 20 cells thick, which they say can be used for testing drugs under development. Many other companies have also been experimenting with bioprinters and printing living organs and tissue.Problem: Is it bad to keep your eyes open when you sneeze?
Hypothesis: I think that sneezing with your eyes open will not harm you in any way.
Setting up a Controlled Experiment:
Take a group of people and induce sneezing.
Record observations.
Take the same group of people and secure their eyes in the open position.
Induce sneezing with eyes open.
Record results.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 several times.
Recording and Analyzing Results: Analyze the results from the experiment and record any differences between the control test and the variable test.
Drawing a Conclusion: A conclusion is not available from this source at the current time.
How is chemistry related to biology? Smallest components of living things are atoms and molecules Chemicals control living things Energy = Chemistry Chemicals effect body functions
History: A partial reconstruction of the past based on records and documentation.

Civilization - language, economy, religion, technology

Stone age: Paleolithic and neolithic Civilization developed in river valleys - near water
Yellow river
Ancient civilizations had monarchies based on religion

Theocracy - govt. ruled by religion

How did civilization arise in Mesopotamia? Urban revolution - 4000 - 3000 BCE Tigris/Euphrates rivers Beneficial environment: Good farming land Good for trade Water source
Surplus crop production will