Parking Lot and Description Paper Downtown

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Emily Macal
Description Paper
Downtown Minneapolis Downtown Minneapolis can be a very complex and some may need to be experienced to enter this wonderful city. At about 7:30 in the morning rush hour starts to settle in. Car horn's ring and siren's blare, as people make their way towards their destination's, rushing aggressively as though it's a race. The craze is unique from anywhere else. Endless flow's of vehicles seem to litter the area as they pass by. Upon entering the city, a dense fog of pollution hangs in the air from all of the vehicle's rushing throughout the city as the sun rise's above the tall skyscrapper's by the minute. "Chirp, chirp, chirp!", the bird's begin to sing their beautiful melodies as I wake up to prepare myself for the day ahead of me. I begin my morning with taking a cold shower that will hopefully wake me up from the horrible night of sleep that I got. After the frosty shower, I stumble into my enormous walk-in closet to find the work outfit for the day. All ready to go to work, I make my way downstairs to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I get my cup prepared, grab my cinnamon brown sugar poptart, and out the house I go. As I get into my car, I see the usual neighbors, Dave, who lives to the right of me and Michelle who lives to the left of me. Both wave to me as we all close our garage doors and steadily pull out of our driveways to make our daily commute to work. Merging onto the highway, I sip on the hot coffee doused with sugar and coffeemate that will get me through the day. With the constant road construction, car's weave around the bright orange cone's that are scattered everywhere. Dodging the road blocks left and right like a nascar driver, I approach the city and there are cars everywhere. Taking a back route to work to avoid all traffic light's and the bumper to bumper traffic, I arrive to work and being my hunt for a parking spot. Car's are zipping into spot's left and right, making it impossible for me to even get my small Ford Focus parked. I finally end my search and find the worst spot in the house and take it. Making my way into, business men and women are chattering on their phone's, drinking up their coffee as I pass by. I enter the nosiy building where phone's are ringing off the hool and the sound of paper being stapled together can be heard. Avoiding co-worker's at all costs, I make it into my office and begin the work day. After countless hours of trying to sell people insurance, I'm ready to leave for the day. Usually chatting with a few co-worker's after my busy day, I tell them good-bye and exit the building. As I exit the broken down brick building covered with graffiti, men and women can be seen making their ways toward's small paking lots that haven't been taken care of for some time. Car's can be seen dodging large pot hole's that cover the asphalt parking lot trying to scurry out of the city to beat the traffic. If you look closely you can see weed's pushing their way through the small cracks. In the numerous parking lots, the yellow painted lines have almost vanished. Parked between the fading lines are many cars, making a color spectrum out of all of the different color's. One man's car in particular caught my eye. It's a big four door SUV painted black with tinted window's. The car glisten's in the beautiful sunset with a chrome finish on the body and rims. A familiar high pitched, "beep-beep!', can be heard as the SUV unlocks. The man opens up the door and enters the luxurious interior. It has a shiny leather seating, which looks as comfortable as a tempurpedic bed. The dashboard lights up with the turn of a key and the car starts across the