Parts of the Brain Essay

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A. The broca's area in the brain is responsible for the production of speech. If it did not function properly Savannah would never be able to create sound to properly form the words in Japanese and she would not be able to pass her test. Savannah's use of phonemes will also help her pass the test because they will distinguish different words in the Japanese language. Without phonemes the words would all sound the same and she would never be able to actually create a sentence. Savannah will also use modeling to learn the language. She will remember the way people taught her and what they said. This will make her brain remember the sounds needed to form a certain word. Lastly, chunking will make her remember the language just from performing the task previously. B.) If Savannah experiences encoding failure, she will not be able to recall the information she needs to apply it to her test. Also Savannah may be hindered by age and language acquisition. This makes her have a limit on how much she can learn in one specific area like a language. C.) After the exam Savannah used self efficacy to assess how she feels she did on her exam. She used conformation bias to look for signs that confirm that she did well.
2.) The cocktail party effect gives the students the ability to focus in on their student leader even though the gymnasium is loud and busy as they move to the assigned areas to create the school flag. All the students singing in unison shows