PDA The Right Way Essay

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PDA: The Right Way The high school hallways. The doorways. The movie theaters. The after 2nd period meeting spot. Public displays of affection, also known as PDA, are going wild. Urban Dictionary refers to PDA as “annoying cuddling, caressing, lovey-dovey smooching; actually any physical contact short of the "fist-to-the-face.” Some people describe it as pathetic display of affection, but has become the best way to show the world how much you love the person you are dating at the time. New high schoolers will be put to the test to earn their right of passage into high school and most students feel the need to pass this test. I will give you the proper tips to successfully pass your PDA exam. High Schools around the world offer classes called Public Display of Affection. Although the class is unofficial, everybody, including teachers, is very much aware of it. As I walk through the halls every day I have learned that students tend to use one to two senses to pass the PDA exam. I see closed eyes, close bodies, hands being held and a lot of tongue workouts. Usually, all at the same time. Only very talented individuals are able to do all of these movements at once and high school hallways seem to be the best place to practice. First, you must keep in mind that people can see you. Make sure everyone is looking before you even touch your partner. Look around and if everyone is not already looking do something dramatic like drop all your books or fall down in the middle of the hallway. Once you have established control of your audience, make the first move. Grab your partners’ hands and lean in and kiss them. Not just a little kiss. Have a make out session in the middle of the hallway while everyone is staring at you. I promise you will get the attention that strengthens your PDA experience. You will pass your PDA exam with flying colors. Second, make sure that you are very loud when telling your significant other how much you love them. For example, scream “Oh my goodness, I love you so much baby!” or “Your kisses build my love for you!” It maximizes your love for each other when you scream down the hall at each other as you walk away. It lets every single person around you know that you are off limits and that you won’t ever let anyone come between you and your lover. Third, your PDA must…