Different Levels Of Beneficipation In Different Physical Fitness Activities

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B) During these two weeks of participating in different physical fitness activities, i experienced different levels of enjoyment , testing different equipment at the gym and different classes that i have never done before. I gained a lot of enjoyment in most of the activities i participated in, although i didn’t really enjoy doing yoga as it wasn’t really about being active, it was more of a quiet and calm exercise. I prefer to be doing activities with more body movements than rather being still and doing slow body motions. I enjoyed the cardio treadmill the most as it was the most effective and i enjoyed doing it for longer than any other of the equipment at the gym. Being at the gym regularly made me feel refreshed and feel good about myself as i felt like i was achieving to become fit , and was truly motivated. For most people these days exercise isn’t really their first priority. “In peoples busy lifestyles today exercise is not a priority. Some people work long hours at stressful jobs. They do not perceive exercise as a priority, as they have more important deadlines too meet and work to do” (Personal Development , health and physical education Preliminary coarse, Ron Ruskin, Kim Harper, Lyndall Fitzgibbon, 2010 ).
I made time to do a fair even amount of fitness along both weeks, even if that meant sacrificing some of my plans like going out, to do an hour or two exercising. There are ways people can manage their incidental activity if they dont have time to go to the gym or plan sessions . Example walking home from the bustop after school or carrying heavy loads. When i started doing the assessment after my first session at the gym , i figured i had one main goal to achieve during and after the assessment. To continue being physically active, continue going to the gym on a regular basis and to become wiser with the choices i make on food. I have achieved my goal so far as the past few days i have still been going to the gym and motivating myself and my friends to play soccer at the park nearby home after school some days. I have become more wiser on the meals i eat and not choosing the wrong things to eat all the time. Statistics found in the( Australian Bureau of statistics, 2009 ) recorded that in 2007-2008 one quarter of all Australian children or around 600,000 children ages 15-17 years were overweight or obese because of lack of physical fitness.

c) Most of the activities that were undertaken were located at my local gym. Yoga class was located at my school and I had many incidental activities walking to and from the bustop to school everyday . These exercises were beneficial in my physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions of health. It was an enjoyable experience that aided in stress release and relaxation ,and it was activities that was planned to achieve benefits such as weight loss and improved cardiovascular efficiency. I participated in low intensity, moderate and vigorous workout. Yoga was beneficial because it “Re energises the body, giving a feeling of being more powerful, reduces stress, induces calmness, improves flexibility and muscle tone, and improves immunity” (Personal Development , health and physical education Preliminary coarse, Page 343, Ron Ruskin, Kim Harper, Lyndall Fitzgibbon, 2010). Exercising regularly gives you more energy as stated in (Miller Health Corporate Health Solutions, John Miller, 2011) “There is a universal law which says that if you want more energy you need to use more up” .
Physical health refers to my state of body , composition, development , functions and development. It’s all about maintaining that healthy pattern of being able to continue doing fitness on a daily basis. Most cardio fitness is getting your heart rate into your target heart rate zone means your blood is pumping, you're breathing hard, you're sweating and burning calories. The stability ball benefits as it improves your balance, “Because a