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Pearl staring at her mother’s grave now, knowing that she hasn’t even spoken to her in many years and knowing the only reason she has come back to this place that beheld such awful memories for her is because she had gotten wind of her mother’s demise. Pearl had come to make sure that her mother would be properly buried next to Dimmesdale but was disappointed to see that the people of this town couldn’t even let her mother and father rest peacefully next to each other in death without separating them at a great distance. “It was near that old sunken grave, yet with a space between, as if the dust of the two sleepers had no right to mingle.”(Hawthorne180) Pearl did notice that her parents did share the same headstone though on which a scarlet “A” burned against the black stone. Seeing this “A” brought back so many memories at once including the last time she had seen it. When Hester and Pearl had disappeared they had hopped on a ship to hopefully travel to England to find Chillingworth’s residence that he had left for Pearl. “At old Chillingworth’s decease(which took place within the year), and by his last will and testament, of which governor Bellingham and the Reverend Wilson were executers, he bequeathed a very considerable amount of property, both here and in England, to little Pearl, the daughter of Hester Prynne.”(Hawthorne180) Once they had found the residence they immediately sold it agreeing that they didn’t want to stay in a house that came from a man that brought back terrible memories. With that money Hester bought a nice home that wouldn’t draw too much attention. There is where Pearl lived out her days until she was ready to leave her mother and all the past behind her. Knowing that there was nothing holding Hester still in England she set off back to the place where she could live out the rest of her days waiting to join her love someday. “And Hester Prynne had returned, and taken up her long-forsaken shame.”(Hawthorne179)Pearl had left for Eastern Europe wanting to see the things that she had missed out on while in the New World. She wanted to explore the world to see what new things that she could discover. Though the last thing she had expected was to find someone who actually took an interest in her, considering who her parents were and what they had done. But then it struck her that she was not back in the New World where people knew who she was. She was free to be anything she wanted and was free to be with whoever pleased her without persecution from her past life. The man she had met was named “William Bannister” and he did take great interest in Pearl. At first Pearl was a little hesitant considering that she has never had someone like her the way William did, much less have any friends. She decided to try though and for a couple of years William and Pearl took it slow until one day William decided to finish the deal by presenting Pearl with a ring and asking her hand in her marriage. Much to Pearl’s dismay she immediately said yes without even thinking about it. It’s almost as if she couldn’t control herself and that was just the right thing to say. For many years William helped Pearl in her dream to explore the world. They traveled to Africa is search for some great myths the natives tale of; they also decide to go to Australia to try and catalog some of the new species they might discover while they were over there. They were able to identify a few new species of snakes and some other creatures before they set off once again. This time Pearl wanted to go back to the new world but explore up North where Canada would be today. Even though it was cold, this might have been Pearl’s favorite place because of how peaceful all the nature was. So Pearl and William decided to live here for a while with the rest of the people that came with them. They settled there and started building up a town from scratch, which was no problem since Pearl had still not yet depleted the money that Chillingworth had