Perseus Hero's Journey Essay

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Not all heroes have a glorious beginning. Yet they all possess the traits of being selfless, courageous, and cunning. Those who are heroes are willing to risk their lives to save others as Luke Skywalker of Star Wars: A New Hope and Perseus from “Perseus” do. As Luke Skywalker and Perseus progress in their Hero’s Journey, they move towards the road of becoming true heroes.
Every hero has a beginning, often the story of their birth. The myth, “Perseus” describes the birth of Perseus. Zeus, the god of thunder fell in love with a mortal woman, Danae. From their love Perseus is born, half-mortal and half-god, a demigod. Luke Skywalker of Star Wars: A New Hope is born with the Force, an extraordinary power, like Perseus. The Force is a power that only Jedi Knights have, thus Luke Skywalker’s father is one of the few Jedi Knights. In order for heroes to become who they truly are, they are assigned a quest whose successful
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It is a true fact, which is only if the supposed person is really dead. The island of where Perseus grew up all thought the young hero has met his end. Not one person thought Perseus would have come back alive for they all thought it is impossible to kill Medusa. Perseus proves the villagers and the ruler wrong; he comes back with the head of Medusa and shocks them all. Luke Skywalker’s resurrection point has been different from the usual Hero’s Journey. Obiwan Kenobi, who is dead “comes” back to give Luke advice at the crucial moment of defeating the Death Star. For it is not the usual; where the dead may come back in their body and give hope to the heroes, for Luke it is only Obiwan Kenobi’s voice that comes and tells him to use his Force, thus leading Luke to victory. The point of resurrection is point where it determines whether the hero or villain wins. A person dear to the hero shall resurrect and give hope to the hero, who is about to be defeated, leading the hero to his expected