Perseus Myths

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Perseus's myth still lives on today, because of its enticing plot, character traits, that are still valued among today's society, and our human interest in the knowledge and wisdom that can be found in stories, legends and myths throughout time.

This essay summarizes the plot of the Perseus myth and describes his cultural significance both in Greek and American culture. The question is, "why do we hold on to such myths?" and, " why is the Perseus myth significant in Greek and American culture?" Maybe it is that we believe that they mean more than we know them to, or that they hold some kind of secret within their plots and characters. Whatever it may be, there is a reason.

There are many lessons to be learned from these myths, we as
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They find that he has moved from the land. One day Perseus is participating in a discus throwing event and one of his discs veers to the side, and hits one of the spectators in the crowd of people attending the event. This spectator is Acrisius. Perseus has fulfilled the prophecy and has become a hero not only to his followers but, also to himself and the Gods. THE END.

In conclusion, I would like to re-ask the question "Why is this story so important in Greek and American culture?" The story, withholds many values and character traits still seen and admired today. The story emphasizes the recurrent theme of human ingenuity, the power of creative imagination. Perseus stands as a perfect example of Greek heroism, he takes the Hero's journey, including overcoming obstacles and experiencing a transformation in values and capabilities.

We value the hero's journey, because of the way it symbolizes the human journey. We value the morals and character traits that are brought out in the plot of the myth, and we strive to inherit these traits and ways of life.

Obstacles are part of life, so man kind can generally connect with stories and tales that have realistic representation of the life we all live and the obstacles we all go