personal brand paper

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Personal Brand Paper
James A. Jones
September 11, 2014
Audrey Ellison

The name of my personal Brand is Shure Fit Tee’s, once you put on one these tee’s they will automatically conform to your body. They are made with a form fitting material that will move when you do to hold its form not only that , Shure fit Tee’s comes with any logo that you want on the front of them and can change to anything else that you want it to. I worked at NASA for ten years in the research development department this is where I was able to experiment and create all different kinds of materials, tools, drinks body suits and anything I thought would improve our space program. Given the opportunity I would be able to make this company a lot of money because of my creativity and my passion to experiment. I would like to work for Nike, Reebok or Fila because of the endless possibilities of creative opportunities. Either of these companies would be a great fit for me because of my expertise with creating space age materials. When I think of the endless possibilities of creating a sneaker that would change the way people think of sneakers, the design the unique soles and how lite I can make them. It would be a perfect fit. The first thing I need to do in developing a market plan is to know my target market, which will be teenagers, athletes, and anyone who wears sneakers. I would create a sneaker just for the elderly with not too much design but