Personal Computer and Pc Essay

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2. Gaming
2.1 Availability:
The main place to play and purchase games on the Internet is an application called Steam. Steam is a digital distribution of games it stores and organizes all purchased, downloaded and non-downloaded games. It has games for both Windows and Apple. However, “there are infinitely more games available for Windows PC (Egan, 2013)”. There are over 4000 games and applications available on Steam, only 1300 of those are available on Apple while all are available for PC users. As well many game companies release there games for PC much earlier than they do for Mac users. This is because most of the hardcore gamers prefer Windows compared to Apple. The game developers first cater to making the games for PC before they worry about making it available to Apple users because they know they will get more sales on PC then they would if they released it on a Mac first.
2.2 Hardware:
Both Apple and Windows have hardware, but what one has better hardware? The answer is neither; both have quality hardware for gaming purposes. However, “Windows PCs let you upgrade whatever you like whereas Macs do not (Dachis, 2013)”. With a PC everything with it is upgradeable from the case all the way to LED’s. Macs still have some parts that you are able to upgrade, “but upgrading Mac hardware after the fact is not for the faint of heart (Fox, 2014)”. This is because components are difficult to install and quite expensive. As well Macs require a lot less maintenance then a PC would. With windows there are a lot of updates that you have to stay on top of and constantly update, wither it be drivers, anti-virus, or OS there is almost always something that is needed to be updated. So windows easily gets clogged up with clutter and bloat ware. Another thing that has PC beat is the amount of viruses on Macs. Most Mac users can get by without having any antivirus protection. Microsoft products may be susceptible to many more viruses however it handles security issues and viruses much better than a Mac would. Macs are also a lot more stable than a PC is. Macs are controlled by a Unix-based OS which has far more possibilities when it needs to isolate and find the problem. While PC’s have a harder time dealing with finding the solution to a problem. As well as when buying external components for a PC you may run into some problems whether it be driver problems or configuration problems. With Mac you do not have to worry about any of that because everything is built by Apple for Macs so you know that they are guaranteed to work together; because the components are made by apple…