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Determining What Your Learning Style is

Palm L. Forward

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Shearin Christiansen

Determining What Your Learning Style is

Choosing how we learn and the different learning styles varies from person to person. I believe that each person has his or her own distinct learning style. Your learning style influences the way you understand and comprehend information on a day to day basis. We all learn different because we all process information differently. We can read and see the same thing, but have a different perspective on what we saw. It is not unusual for a person to use different learning styles depending on the situation that they are in. Learning styles are a way to help improve your quality of learning. (Attribute advanogy, 2004) Finding your learning style(s) helps you to acclimatize the way you study to make it more valuable and capable. The reason I choose to seek a college degree, is in this day and age, you have to want and desire more than just the basics of learning. I cannot preach to my children about education being important, if I don’t follow my own advice. Having a college degree would open more opportunities for me and my family. For being in the Military this also would help me stand out when it comes time for promotion and leadership position within the ranks. Having a college degree will boost my self-esteem, as well as showing that I am capable of setting and succeeding goal that I may have set for myself. According to Learning Styles Inventory (The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, 2012), my learning styles depicted I scored a 60% in visual, 33% in Auditory, and 7% in Kinesthetic learning. With visual learning earning the highest percentage means that I absorb most of my information by seeing it before hand. Visual learners usually learn best through pictures and graphs, as well as written instructions. Visual learners tend to be neat and organized and their learning style preference tends to most closely match most educational and company working environments. (The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, 2012). Auditory learners are people who prefer to hear instructions and do well by listening. Kinesthetic learners are ones who work better with their hands. According to (Penn State, 2010) my learning style is a visual learner. With the results from their inventory, being a visual learner means that it would benefit myself to write out things that I’ve learned, so that I have a quick visual view, and also be able to visualize in my head actually concepts of learning. Knowing the