Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility Essay
8 July 2013
Heather Bartlett

Personal Responsibility Essay
How I define personal responsibility may differ from others as it takes all walks of life to make the world go around. As that old saying goes “What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander”, meaning what I may do for my own personal responsibility may not work well for another. I like to believe that holding yourself accountable for your actions or lack of and being proactive about things will take you far in life and will also allow you to achieve success not only in college but in other areas of life as well. Its ultimately up to you and no one else to want to go out and get things done.
Through personal responsibility and tenacious self-discipline, the relationship between an individuals action and college success render infinite opportunities because it closes the gap between a limited future and expands the world view with big-picture thinking, and stimulates short term results for long term goals.
College students will have to accept responsibility for their own education at this point. There will be times where balancing a college schedule and your personal life may be a bit demanding, but if you have any kind of personal responsibility and gumption you ought to do well. When your busy planning life, life happens and you have to be ready for anything that can be thrown your way. Without having the personal responsibility life can definitely surprise you with curve balls. If one is unable to manage time wisely you maybe putting your educational goals and potential future career in jeopardy.
There are numerous ways on what things or best practices you can do to have college success with personal responsibility. Some things to keep in mind when practicing personal responsibility are having a handle on your time. In the past I’ve had horrible time management skills and it’s been my downfall in plenty of work and school projects. Employers as well as teachers like individuals who are able to be on time with projects and assignments. There is a range of good strategies that you can set yourself up for success in both arenas. Personally I like to relate a lot of things back to being able to master time management skills. “Effective time management is a combination of many skills” (Kay, Barabra, Mar/Apr 2011, Time Management is Not a Skill, para. 2). If you can master more than one skill within time management you’re already ahead of the game and if you haven’t there is still hope for you so do not worry. Some time management skills that I like to use are, prioritizing my time efficiently, using calendars, having a daily to do list, and goal setting.
Personal responsibility is ultimately tied in with how successful you may or may not be in college. If you don’t have a plan, create one, if you don’t have any goals think about what you’d like to achieve with the plan. Where do you see yourself short term and long term with the goals you’ve set forth? “Goal setting is an important component of students'