Personal Legend In The Alchemist

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When I was seven years old, I was brought to live with my parents in The United States. I was raised by my grandmother, Humbertina and my grandfather, Felix in a modest house painted bright pink and green in La Union, El Salvador. In the summer of 2005, I was attending Los Cruz's a secondary school. One morning, I was getting ready for school like any other day when I noticed something strange. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew something was off with my grandma. She made breakfast and had me changed for school, but her usual smile was missing the whole time. When I arrived at school, I went straight to my classroom and sat down in my usual seat. As the day progressed, I went on with my typical day going to math to recess and back to …show more content…
Coelho makes this evident when he states, “They were seeking the treasure of their Personal Legend, without wanting actually to live out the Personal Legend (144).” In other words, people hope to live out their dreams without really doing anything to pursue them. Moreover, Santiago experiences hope when he hears the words of the old king, who tells him that he will always be nearby to help him realize his personal legend (Coelho 75). The words of the old king gave the boy hope to continue his journey because he knew that he wasn’t alone in his quest. Subsequently, Coelho illustrates Fatima’s hope to see Santiago return to her when she claims, “ I always looked to the desert with longing...Now it will be with hope… ( 140).” Coelho makes Fatima’s hope to see Santiago again evident by illustrating that she looks to the desert to see his return. Finally, when Melchizedek told Santiago the story of a miner who abandoned everything in his search for emeralds and how he was close to giving up but found one stone after five years of searching (Coelho 28). Coelho shows how having a little faith and presence can lead to success. As essential as the belief of hope was to The Alchemist, fear is a factor that keeps the character