Personal Narrative: A Career As A Travel Nurse

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“Travel nurses are those who travel and take temporary nursing assignments, usually last-ing 8 to 26 weeks, in locations of the nurse’s choice, in facilities across the United States and in-ternationally.” (Novotny p.177). Being a travel nurse requires only RN preparation, though expe-rience as a nurse is usually preferred. This is convent because I will not need to go back to school to fulfill any further requirements. Also I will have plenty of experience from the clinical hours necessary in order to receive my RN certification. Some of the specialized skills needed to be a traveling nurse include strong clinical skills, flexibility and adaptability (being able to travel when needed to), and strong communication skills. This is one of the reason I really like the idea of being a traveling nurse, they get to experience other areas of the world and their cultures while getting paid. Compensation for these types of nurses varies based on employment and location but average is $31.00 an hour (Payscale). One thing I found very interesting was that these nurs-es tend to get paid more at the entry level which is nice because it would make it a very good starting job. However, salary is very tricky for this type of nursing because it …show more content…
Memories I can recall by sight, smell, and sound: indelible images of injured or dead children, women who were raped or beaten, lacerations, body parts, and the lack of body parts. There are the tears you see in the eyes of a victim, the sounds of the screams coming from the mother cradling her dead child, and the smells of a burn victim that will stay with you forever. Why did I want to be an ER nurse again? For me, choos-ing to work in emergency nursing just seemed right. I am not sure if it is the adrenaline-addicting pace or the fact that I don’t have to form a bond with these patients.