Personal Narrative Essay About Police Brutality

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You will never understand unless you live through it, an event that changes lives. Police brutality and misconduct is something that is real and not only experienced by criminals. Imagine five males whom were seniors in high school were pulled over at a Mt. Airy gas station on a sunny day where the trees and flowers were completing its annual spring cycle of blooming. The aroma of fresh flowers remained in the air, followed the itch in your nose that reminded you that those same flowers were reproducing. The police quickly emerged from their vehicle that flashed blue and red lights on the rooftop, and approached the Brown Buick LeSabre with white wall tires. Everyone in that Buick, the officers wildly pulled up upon, froze and were frightened for their lives, as the two officers had hands on the black butts of their weapons, and the sound of heels of their boots hitting the concrete drew closer to each of the front windows. With a stern voice, the officer on the driver’s side of the vehicle asked for the driver’s …show more content…
My friend smoked a Newport cigarette, before we drove off because he did not want to drive and smoke while driving. All we were doing was driving back to his home from playing basketball, it was our way of celebrating how well we did in school for our final report cards. We were discussing what was supposed to be two of the happiest days of our lives. Prom and graduation. Needless to say that what was supposed to be one of the happiest times of my life was tarnished by this incident. I knew that as Five African American young men we were guilty of being black. Since that day as I awaken I give it my all, I’m a very proud man, I will always stand tall you will never see me crawl. These friends I have to day, they are professional men such as myself, we all have done very well for ourselves, and I am extremely proud of the men they have